Rental Dress FAQ's

What if my rental dress is too long for me or doesn't fit 100% right?

Rental dresses are NOT to be altered for any reason ever. This dress is owned by DRESSED LLC. When you send your rental dress back, if we notice there have been alterations to the dress you will be charged a damage fee which can be anywhere from $50-$300 per dress.

We suggest getting higher heels so the dress doesn't drag on the ground, using safety pins as needed as long as it doesn't damage the fabric, wear Spanx, add a bolero or jacket rather than adding sleeves etc. 

In the case that alterations are the only option, please let us know and we will charge you for the dress minus the rental fee and then the dress becomes yours!

For Example: Sally's rental dress price was $100 she then needed to get alterations as an only option. This same dress is for sale for $200. Sally called us and let us know what was going on, we then sent Sally an invoice for $100 to cover the remainder cost of the dress for her to keep and make alterations as needed.

*Alterations are up to you. We do not offer alterations at this point, but check back in the future.

Do I need to dry clean my dress?

NO! Please do not clean your rental dress on your own. We offer FREE dry cleaning service for all rental dresses. If there are any major cleaning issues that need to be addressed, please give us a call or drop in to discuss the options. Sometimes our professional cleaners can fix the dress, and other times an added damage fee will be assessed. 

How long is the rental dress period?

The first 5 days are included in your rental fees. After 7 PM PST on the 5th day you will be charged $25 per day until your dress is returned.

You will be emailed a prepaid mailing label for your convenience. Please do not use another label, we need to be able to track the item being returned. Once we see that the item is on its way back to our store, we will send you a partial refund for renting your dress instead of purchasing. If you decide to keep it just let us know so we do not charge you late fees!

I don't have time to drop off or pick up my rental dress! HELP!

(92101 ZIP CODE ONLY) We offer a delivery pick up and drop off for your rental dress. It is not required, but if you choose to use this service you will be charged a $25 fee each way. 

For Example: Sally rented a dress on October 1st, but her dance wasn't until October 20th. Sally decided it would be best to use the delivery pick up and drop off service since she lived too far away from the store. Sally was charged an extra $50 on top of her rental dress and her dress was hand delivered to her doorstep the morning of October 20th. Her dress was then picked up from her doorstep the afternoon of October 23rd from the delivery service.

*We only offer delivery pick up and drop off service within a 30 mile radius of 92101 zip code. Please ask your dress stylist about pick up or shipping options if you live outside of our radius.

Pre Owned Dress FAQ's


How many times has my dress been worn?

We only keep dresses in stock that have been worn once or twice. You will see minor wear and tear on a pre owned dress, but we will let you know if there are any major damages.

Has my pre owned dress been cleaned?

YES! We always use a professional cleaning service to make sure the dress is in tip top shape before we put it on our website or out on our sales floor. 

New Dress FAQ's

How much will it cost to ship my dress to me?

We have a few flat rate shipping options that range between $6-$20 depending on where you live. Please view our checkout page to see the shipping rates based on your particular purchase. 

Do you offer free returns and exchanges if I don't want to keep my dress?

YES! We have included a pre paid return label for you to use if you would like to return your dress after renting it. We do not however accept returns where we give you a full refund. If you think you might not like the dress forever, please think about using our rental option instead. 

If you are exchanging your dress please CONTACT US to reserve a different dress before it sells out! Once we have received a shipping notice that the dress is on its way back, we will send you your new dress.

*Please note, we do not accept returns that have been purchased. We only accept partial refunds on dresses that have been rented. 

*If you intend on wearing a dress and returning it please see our Buy Pre Owned and Rental Dress options.

*We do not allow returns or exchanges on sale items, shoes, jewelry, Spanx, undergarments, accessories, makeup, eyelashes, purses, nails, stickers, clutches, bags, etc. These items are FINAL SALE.


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